Workshops for the journey of attracting,
creating and maintaining intimate relationships
that are strong, enduring, and fulfilling....beyond your wildest dreams!

This program provide participants with a unique look at what it takes to attract, create and maintain an Ideal Mate relationship in today's world. It also provide an awareness of the foundational principles and skills necessary to break patterns of the past.  Participants learn how to attain happiness and self-responsibility while achieving their life mate relationship goals.

Are you still looking for Prince Charming or Cinderella? Are you stuck in a pattern of ineffective dating attracting the wrong partners?  Are your dates far and few between?  Have you kissed enough frogs?  If you  fit this description, this program is for you!

Fairy Godmothers Jeannine Kaiser of Vantage Point Coaching, and Dory Willer of Beacon Quest Coaching, have blended together their years of training and coaching expertise into a powerful new coaching series that is guaranteed to produce results and knock your socks off with delight!

The Quests™ programs empower participants to new levels of goal achievement, assisting participants in designing their lives full of purpose and passion that point to an exciting future --- beyond their wildest dreams!

No need to postpone your dreams and aspirations any longer – hurry … your mate is waiting!




 Target Audience: 

Those persons who want to develop a soul mate relationship, and for those who are in an existing relationship that would like to take it into a new level of commitment.  For all ages from 18-whenever! 

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Next workshop begins Monday, April 12, 2004 in Danville; six sessions, every  other week ending June 21, 2004.  7:00-9:00pm.  Cost is $495/pp (credit cards accepted); or monthly payment plan of $200/month.




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