Workshops that provide a personal strategy plan

in which your dreams come alive!

The Quests™ gathers the best of our

cumulative coaching and training expertise

that will knocks your socks off ........with delight!

The Quests™ series of workshops were founded with one thing in mind ~ to help people achieve their dreams!  Each program provides participants with a compass for growing and designing their life purposefully and full of passion.  Concrete tools, tactics, and strategies are provided to produce amazing and remarkable results.

The workshops are delivered in six sessions consisting of two hour seminars every other week over a three month period, in person or teleworkshop format; or in full or half day retreats.  Participants are provided with a unique look at what it takes to attract, create and maintain their desires in today's world. Each workshop also provides an awareness of the foundational principles and skills using the theory of attraction and science of deliberate creation from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

What’s special about The Quests™?  Each program provides ~

  • Simple tools and processes that quickly produce and sustain life changing results
  • Synchronicities that produce a synergy of amazing delights
  • Quantum leaps toward happiness and fulfillment
  • Inspired focus action-oriented playwork producing exciting futures
  • Empowering yourself with ‘will do’ vs. ‘can do’ to unleash your full potential
  • Bold and daring courage to make life altering choices towards what works for you
  • Creating clarity, self-confidence, and self-trust, even in the midst of chaos
  • Unshakeable intuitive thinking by tapping into your heart’s intelligence
  • Feisty, fun, and inspiring facilitation!

Our Mission:

To empower our participants to achieve unprecedented levels of success by breaking through the barriers that have kept them from fully living their dreams.  Through our programs we coach and teach our clients the skills to tap into their own inner coach to unleash their full potential.....beyond their wildest dreams!

Our clients hold the magic key that opens the door to attracting and manifesting what they want in life, their dreams, goals and aspirations.  The Quests™ programs are designed to utilize the power of personal coaching, and the founders' expertise to assist participants in discovering their keys to manifestation.  Life's journey in achieving goals does not need to be filled with struggle - The Quests™ show participants the way to the path of less resistance, more joy, filled with amazing and incredible delights.  A proven process that has worked for hundreds of our clients since 1997.



Attracting Your Ideal Mate
Those persons who want to develop a Soul Mate relationship or for those who are in an existing relationship that would like to create and maintain the balance and interaction of a loving commitment.

Creating a Passionate Marriage
Is your relationship flame beginning to flicker?  This workshop can help you reignite your passion.  You will learn the art of deepening your marriage by designing a new chapter for the partnership that charts a course for the couple with as two hearts, beating as one, in perfect melody and harmony.
Attracting your ideal career
Attracting ideal clients/customers
Attracting your ideal job
Attracting the ideal college


Teen Quest
For teens who are ready to purposefully design their life aligned with their true passions and talents, following a path of authenticity, and avoiding falling into life by default or trial & error.

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