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A workshop that helps people renew their passion for work, covering topics that includes:
  • From stability thinking to continuous change management
  • The cycle of self-renewal
  • Ten life skills for sustaining purpose and passion
  • How to move ahead from where you are
  • Creating a plan for the next twelve months
  • Moving forward and embracing the future

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If your organization is faced with the difficult position of having to reduce it's workforce, consider employing a practice that is growing and elicits volunteers to downsize their position, or redesign their role of work that creates a win-win solution for the organization, survivors, and affected employees.  Workshops that help prepare employees for self-selection and new work roles include:
  • Don't retire - PROtire!  How to design purpose and passion in the next chapter of life.
  • How to keep winning when the rules keep changing!  Taking control of your preferred future.



This fast-paced coaching program provides a simple and powerful way to plan for success.  The process has proven useful for individuals, teams and entire organizations for the past 20 years.  Your Best Year Yet  provides a safe and meaningful assessment of past experience, current lessons, and teaches the tools of transformation which enable individuals to see how they prevent or inhibit their own achievement.  Application can be personal, team oriented, or specific to job roles.  Guaranteed to produce results!

And for businesses, the Business Best Year Yet system is a unique strategic planning process that incorporates coaching.  Ideal for team business planning retreats, requiring as little as one and a half days.  Exceptional for shifting paradigms and creating breakthrough performance that leads to breakthrough results.  Extremely powerful requiring monthly follow-on sessions.  Easily applied year-after-year to produce top results

The most effective way to develop your leadership and improve business results is with personal coaching!  Using a Comprehensive Assessment, clients are carefully assessed using current information and a formal interview or shadowing process.  If current data is not available, other assessment tools can be used to assure a thorough understanding of perceptions people have of the individual or team performance.  Then a Feedback & Action Planning phase is developed.  Working with individuals and teams to identify and commit to the important essential behaviors to be refined, developed, and integrated.  A plan of action is agreed upon.  Next, Active Learning where the coach regularly interacts with the executive or team, suggesting ways to reinforce commitment and sustain change and growth.  Which leads to the final phase of Validating & Sustaining Success.  As long as value is added, the coaching then moves into working with the client to ensure they are committed to the plan and that actions are indeed taking place and having a positive impact.  Executive coaching typically requires a commitment of no less than six months.


  • Kaiser Permanente Northern California
  • Yahoo!
  • ENRON - California
  • Bank of America
  • County of Contra Costa
  • Silicon Graphics Inc.
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Austrailia)
  • Nestle, Inc.
  • California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues
  • International Best Selling Authors
  • TV Network Commentators
  • Showtime Network
  • Berkeley Lawrence National Lab
  • Cheskin, Inc.
  • AT&T
  • National Credit Union Management Association
  • Wells Fargo Bank
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